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Product Review - Bassani Road Rage 2 Xhaust

Product Review - Bassani Road Rage 2 Xhaust

The throatiness, the deep roar - it sets off car alarms in an underground parking lot and turns heads when you ride by.

In all seriousness, the Bassani Road Rage 2 exhaust system has become a favorite across the world. With 50 years experience of building exhausts and adding performance to motorcycles and cars, the guys over at Bassani got this sh*t together and dialed in!

What happens when you start up a twin-cam with a Bassani Xhaust? At idle it is not disgustingly loud, you can have a conversation without screaming... but when you twist the throttle this thing really comes to life and its a whole different story - the crack of the exhaust note is so mean. It sounds powerful, it sounds strong.

The build quality is legit - all the welds are nice, the black coating across the exhaust is great, and it's a true bolt-on kit with all parts and mounting hardware included.

This exhaust really helps tie a bike together with performance, sound, and looks! Check out this Xhaust system and their other exhaust systems through our parts desk!

- Andy  

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