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Product Review - Heavy Hitter's Gloves from ODIN

Product Review - Heavy Hitter's Gloves from ODIN

I recently came across the growing Canadian company - ODIN MFG, saw their gloves and instantly got excited over the fact their gloves have some very unique features. 

After wearing multiple gloves throughout the years, I have always been disappointed that after riding in the rain a few times, the touch screen fingertips always stop working. As a person who rides with a GPS, and likes to change songs when bumping it through my Plex Audio... this is unacceptable!

I was very intrigued when I first came across the ODIN MFG "Heavy Hitters" gloves by the flip back index finger and thumb for phone usage, and it became pretty apparent that it is a very useful feature when pumping gas and putting in credit card digits or adjusting the D ring on my helmet. 

Another thing that I was very interested in was the fact that the gloves feature magnets in the wrist that stick to metal... like your gas tank! How may times have you dropped your gloves off your seat? Every time! My back is too sore to be bending over to pick up gloves, so this feature gets me stoked.

So lets get into fit... this is always something that makes me a bit nervous because I have purchased many gloves, helmets, and jackets online and been disappointed many times previously. I ordered a 2XL because that's the usual size that fits my giant mitts. When the gloves arrived I tried them on and damn - too tight. I reached out to Odin through social media and after a quick chuckle about how massive my hands are, they assured me they carried a 3XL but to first run them under water because that would help the leather stretch out, and to my surprise it did. They now fit like a glove! (Pun intended.) 

I would highly recommend the the ODIN MFG Heavy Hitters or any of their other gloves. The quality of craftsmanship, style, and customer service is next level. These gloves offer protection with multiple leather layers and they look like you could really jack up someone’s mirror or face (allegedly - we do not endorse this!) if they get too close - check out the Heavy Hitters and ODIN's full line of product at:

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