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Scenic motorcycle routes near me 


Hey, Siri? Find scenic motorcycle routes near me 


If you search up the motorcycle routes Ontario has to offer, you’ll get hits ranging from bucket list rides to navigating Northern Ontario to cruising the Highlands. But sometimes you just don’t have the time or energy for an epic ride–we get it. So, we asked our staff here at Blackbridge Harley-Davidson to share some of their favorite rides that run a little closer to home. 


Whether you’re in a rally or riding solo, keep reading to discover some super-sweet Southern Ontario motorcycle routes. 


Push off to Port Dover 


“Since I’ve been in Canada, I’ve had the opportunity to ride out to Port Dover. Having a good ride away from the major cities with low amounts of traffic is an amazing break from the norm. I really enjoy riding out to a location that has a little bit of everything for any motorcycle enthusiast. Good destination, good ride.” 

 - Andrew Skipper (Skip), Sales Manager 


  • Distance from Blackbridge Harley-Davidson: Approx. 90 km (see map)
  •  Route notes: Low traffic on this route makes for one WFO-friendly ride.  
  • While you’re there: Make sure to stop and pick up some fresh Lake Erie Perch or Pickerel at the marina for your dinner.    

Get going to Goderich 


“I like going out towards Goderich to check out the mom-and-pop burger joints and little diners. And I love stopping in Shakespeare on the ride home to visit the Land & Ross Antiques shop!” 

 - Dave Cormier, Parts Specialist 

  • Distance from Blackbridge Harley-Davidson: Approx. 135 km (see map)  
  • We recommend: Madelyn’s Diner in Stratford.  They’re open ‘til 2pm most days.  And they make the best, local breakfasts around.  Their Fish ‘n Chips are always good as well.   
  • While you’re there: Explore the different beaches including Cove Beach.    

 Fuel up on fun at Forks of the Credit

   “The Forks of the Credit is a cool ride. There are lots of twists, and a hairpin turn.” 

 - Michael D’Archi, Sales Specialist   

  • Distance from Blackbridge Harley-Davidson: Approx. 60 km (see map)  
  • Route notes: If you go on a weekend, both the OPP and Sunday drivers may be out in full force.  
  • While you’re there: In nearby Belfountain, stop by Higher Ground Café for a hot cup of joe or explore the Belfountain Conservation Area to walk over the suspension bridge.  Thanks to Covid though, you’ll need to make a reservation for the Conservation Area; you can do so here.        

Partake in the party-beach vibe at Port Stanley 


“I really enjoyed riding up to Port Stanley. We went out to a restaurant that was right on the beach. It was filled with people having a good time. We ended up finding some twisty roads around there and made a day out of it. 

 - Andy Petrie, Creative Director 


  • Distance from Blackbridge Harley-Davidson: Approx. 130 km (see map)   
  • Where to eat: GT’s on the Beach.  Great food, great atmosphere. What more can you ask for?   
  • While you’re there: Take a swim in the warm, welcoming waters of Lake Erie at Port Stanley beach, followed by stroll along the pier to the lighthouse. 



Some of the best motorcycle routes in Ontario 


Here are a few more rides to consider when you’re seeking a more specific experience out on the open road. (Bonus: They will still put a checkmark in your “scenic motorcycle routes near me” box!) 


Best for aviation admirers 


Riding Highway 35 from Minden to Haliburton gives you the chance to check out the warplane monuments in Haliburton. Stop for lunch at the Kosy Korner diner, where they’ve been serving up delicious home-cooked meals for 80 years. 




  Best for nature lovers 


Elora, Ontario is one of the most stunning places to visit in the Grand River Valley. Head to Elora Gorge to hike the trails, take in the scenic views, and watch the tubers navigate the rapids along the bottom of the gorge. Afterwards, head downtown to enjoy a bite at one of many charming eateries. If you’re visiting on a Saturday, you can grab fresh fixings from the Farmer’s Market in Bissell Park for a spontaneous picnic. d0ca8819f55d88a4680f3ee808ca1b4b_97370cd5457461e1.png 


Best for twisty 

If you’re in the mood for plenty of twists and turns, head to Hockley Valley to tour the winding roads. For a pit-stop with plenty of historic charm, visit Mrs. Mitchell’s Restaurant. It’s located in a former one-room schoolhouse and named after the school teacher 0d5bc5d523f6107a2925c7b325042899_0cca17d6f555d70d.png 



Best for backroad buffs 


Touring the backroads of Collingwood is a fantastic way to spend a summer day. If you go by way of Flesherton, you’ll pass right by Eugenia Falls Conservation Area. Stop in to check out the tallest waterfall in the area. (Note that you will have to pay for parking.) After you’ve stretched your legs, keep cruising the sweeping curves through the Beaver Valley towards Heathcote and over to Collingwood. d50a699bf71d610508744a2134e851f9_7777c8d9b12c9fb5.png 




 Best for speed demons 


In under two hours you can be on the shores of beautiful Lake Huron at the Grand Bend Motorplex–the home of Ontario’s largest drag race events. Check out the 2022 Dragway Schedule or Raceway Schedule to see if there’s an event planned that will feed your need for speed. 5cd78c5cd318125258afdd425cc55526_351b32eb7e564f10.png 





Summer’s short, so let’s ride


Summer always goes by way too fast. We’ll be back to dealing with slick rain-and-snow-covered roads before we know it. So, whether you only have half a day or all the time in the world, make sure you get out there and explore the variety of motorcycle routes Ontario has to offer. 


Meet the team behind our ride recommendations.  If you have some more recommendations, send them our way and we’ll share in a future blog. 


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