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Safety Tips from Seasoned Riders

There is no better feeling than getting some wind therapy to help unwind. But we’ve all been on the 401, during rush hour and have seen how crazy it can get in the Cambridge area. Of course, living on the edge is part of what makes riding sooo satisfying, but safety always needs to comes first.

 Motorcycle safety courses, textbooks, even youtube videos have a lot of great information and you should brush up on these courses occasionally. Advice from seasoned riders holds so much value due to their years of riding experience - so we spoke to riders from the Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge area to get their top tips.

  1. Use extra caution around semis:

“I’ve developed a habit to NOT ride next to semi-trucks. But riding behind them causes wind turbulence. When the time comes to pass the truck, I ensure I’m in the drivers’ side mirror, so they know I’m there. Then I pass as quickly as possible”.

~ Tim P. Cambridge, riding for 19 years

  1. Feather your clutch on tight turns:

“I see some newer riders that seem to think the clutch is an all or nothing deal. This often leads to tipping your bike, especially when making a tight turn like in a parking lot or if doing a U-turn. When you feather your clutch, you’ll find the perfect amount of momentum you need for your turn. Just takes a bit of practice”.

~ Krista G. Guelph, riding 30 years

  1. Go at your own pace:

“I just upgraded to a newer model, but I found that when riding with a group, there were times when I couldn’t keep up with my old bike. It’s intimidating at first, but just accept what you and your bike are comfortable with. It’s a lot less risky to go at your own pace and simply catch up when you can.”

~ Al M. Hamilton, riding for 8 years

  1. Look where you want to go:

“It’s something you learn when you’re just starting to ride, but I think it’s funny how many people forget that - if you’re looking at a tree, you’re probably going to ride into the tree. If you look at a curb, you’ll probably ride into the curb. If the traffic halts suddenly, and you continue staring at the car in front, you’re probably going to hit the car in front. Instead, find a clear spot, make sure you continue looking through the turn - where you want to go, and you’ll get there.

~ Murray F. Kitchener, riding for 21 years

  1. Wear the right gloves:

“I have small hands, that makes it harder to maneuver the clutch. When you think about reacting quickly in an emergency situation - that can really slow you down. I found a great pair of thinner leather gloves from Blackridge and they were just what I needed. They offer better control, look great, and are comfortable to ride in. The right gear and riding accessories are just as important as the right bike.

~ Maddy N, Cambridge, riding for 16 years 

These are some great tips, and I’m sure reading them has made you want to hit the road. Before you throw your leg over the bike, there are things you should do before every ride including checking your lights, turn signals, tire pressure, and fluids. It only takes 2 minutes to check everything out and it will definitely reduce your chances of problems on the road. 

There are a number of ways to stay safe and cautious while riding. At Blackbridge Harley-Davidson®, we’re not only committed to providing our customers with the finest motorcycles in the world, but we make sure that every customer knows the importance of motorcycle safety.

If you have any questions or concerns - anyone of our staff is happy to help you out. Until then, have fun, ride safe, and keep the rubber side down!