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Product Review - The LiveWire®

Product Review - The LiveWire®

2020 Harley-Davidson®  LiveWire® 

I do not care if you believe in electric vehicles, I do not care if you think all Harley-Davidson motorcycles should be loud. All of that is irrelevant when it comes to the LiveWire®. When you put this bike into sport mode and twist the throttle, the motorcycle turns into a time machine that brings you into the future so fast it takes a second for your brain to catch up. I have never experienced anything like this.

The LiveWire is the MotoCo’s first attempt at an electric vehicle – but with 117 years experience in building bad ass motorcycles they did not skimp on this one. The fit and finish of the bike is top notch. We get asked about a lot of other smaller electric bike companies (won’t name names) but that’s what they are lacking. This bike feels complete with dual disc Brembo brakes on the front, Showa suspension and all the torque you can handle.

I love the 0-100km in 2.9 seconds but even more than that I love being able to twist the throttle at any speed and have the same torque – It is like an on/off switch!

Real talk?  The battery is a bit of a concern…the LiveWire® gets 255 KM per charge, but if I want to get out on the open road that gives me some range anxiety. Constantly worrying ‘will I have enough juice to get there’?  Did that extra little twist of the throttle use too much power and I may run out? (Keep in mind I am a worrier, but this is one anxiety I do not want to worry about!)  

It takes 40 minutes to 80% at a level 3 charger (which are popping up more and more) – but it basically takes all night to charge when at home. Can you get a level 2 charger installed at your house?  Yes… but it is not cheap – but neither is this motorcycle, so that cost may not be an issue!

This is Harley-Davidson’s first attempt at an electric vehicle and is the new flagship model – and like the Tesla Roadster – it is a proof of concept with more to come and at lower price points. The hard part about this bike is that most people who would be interested in the vehicle are in the younger age group HD is trying to attract – but at this price point, it’s still unattainable for most.

Despite these challenges, I can not repeat this enough…when I ride this bike it makes me smile, even more than my own bike, and everyone who test rides it says the exact same thing.

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