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Getting your license

Getting your license

All across the country, people are discovering the thrill of riding Harley-Davidson® motorcycles!

To ride a motorcycle, you will need an M class licence. The M can be in conjunction with your existing licence class or it can your first driver's licence classification.

There are 3 steps to becoming fully licenced that have both time and riding restrictions associated with them.


Getting Your M1: 90 day beginners permit Congratulations!

You’ve decided to get your motorcycle license. These links will help you pass the M1 with flying colours!

Read the handbook

Practice what you’ve learned

Write the M1


M2: 5 year intermediate single restriction licence

After passing the M1 road test, drivers may receive an M2 licence. This Ontario Motorcycle License allows them the ability to drive at night and on any road. Rules for alcohol and helmets are the same as those for M1 level. After 22 months, M2 drivers have the ability to take the second road test to get their M license. Upon passing this test, the driver receives a full M Ontario motorcycle license. If the driver opts for the Motorcycle Safety Course, he or she gets to take the second road test after just 18 months.

Government Approved Motorcycle Safety Courses


M: Permanent Ontario Driver’s Licence

Book a road test and then take your Class M road test

For the Class M road test, a driver examiner at a DriveTest Centre will assess more advanced driving skills. If you are successful, you will be issued another temporary driver’s licence and will receive a full Class M licence photo card in the mail. If you are unsuccessful, you can try the road test again (some conditions apply).